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Rates as low as 8%

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Standard Bail Bond Process

After arrest, a defendant may post bail and go home though the trial process. Once the defendant is booked into the jail, they will be allowed to make calls to bail out. If the defendant is uncooperative, this privilege may be suspended. Bail can be posted by paying the full bail amount in cash or you may opt to pay a bail bond agent 8-10% to post a bond in the defendant’s name. This could be done by a family member, lawyer, friend or the even defendant themselves.  A bail bond cannot be accepted by the jail until the defendant is booked in. Jails may take hours or even days to process a defendant, especially if the person arrested was under the influence of drugs and alcohol or acting in an improper manner. Once they are processed, BAD BOYS BAIL BOND agents can usually get them released in under an hour. Here at BAD BOYS BAIL BOND, you can start the process over the phone, the internet, or our free smart phone app available for android or iphone to save time.

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The bail agent contacted will ask for basic information that needs to be collected to evaluate the risk on the bond. The agent will ask where the person is being detained, what the charges are, how much the bail is, criminal history, probation/parole status, residence information, employment history, and more. This information is necessary to complete the bail bond process.


Once the indemnitor accepts the bail bond responsibility, another short series of questions will need to be answered for the bail agent to complete the application. Sometimes more than one indemnitor may be needed if the bond is large or the defendant is a high flight risk. Documents that need signed and dated include a Bail Bond Application Form, a Bail Bond Indemnity Agreement, and a receipt for payment. These will vary between bail agencies from state to state.


After the information is collected, forms are signed and the indemnitor is approved, the bail bond agent will post the bail bond at the county jail the person is being detained at. Depending on the charges, the size of the bond, and the jail facility, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Your Bad Boys Bail Bond agent will be able to advise you on this release time on your particular bail bond.


If a defendant is bailing them self out of jail, they may be required to have an indemnitor sign responsibility for the bond at a later time. This is common when a bail agent has been called out to post bond for a defendant who has their own money at the jail.


After the bail bond is posted, the defendant is free to go home, with the understanding and obligation to appear for all scheduled court dates and hearings. Defendants FAILING TO APPEAR may forfeit the entire bond amount and will have a fugitive arrest warrant issued. The indemnitor shall incur all cost related to the bail bond including the bond, the cost of the apprehension and surrender of defendant, all attorney fees and other costs. Any collateral pledged may forfeited as well to cover these costs.

The bail bond premium is 8-10% of the amount of the bail set by the court. In the state on Indiana, the court of jurisdiction set bail amount. This is based on factors like the charges, the defendant’s prior criminal history, probation/parole status, and other factors. In the State of Indiana, bail agents charge between 8-10% of the bail amount. Bail agents do not set the bail amount. Collateral may be required depending on the size of the bond. Collateral must be returned as long as the defendant appears at all times as required by law. The bail bond premium may be paid by cash, all major credit cards, paypal, money orders, western union / money gram, and approved checks. It can be paid in person, via telephone, or the internet.